Curated by Richard Desroche of CRG Gallery.

"OFF THE RECORD" will offer a unique experience to 15 unrepresented artists. Entering the art market is one of the most difficult challenges facing the unrepresented artist. The fifteen artists selected for "OFF THE RECORD" will have a chance to experience all the various aspects of exhibiting in a public venue including curating a group of selected works, organizing the shipping, installation and de-installation of a presentation, the promoting of a body of work, the selling of artwork, etc. These are activities which the unrepresented or emerging artist may have little or no experience with. In one weekend alone the number of people who will view the artists work will be in the thousands. The viewing public and the discerning gallerists will have the rare opportunity of experiencing the work of artists who are exhibiting for the first time. Richard Desroche brings his experience of over 30 years of discovering and nurturing new talent to Art Nashville.